What is Megan’s platform?

I want everyone who lives in Iowa City to be able to enjoy it. This is a richly vibrant, and diverse place to live, with so much to offer residents: we are a City of Literature, have a strong performing arts culture, sports events to attend (and play in!), parks, trails, and pools, restaurants and nightlife, so many different neighborhoods.  But there are real challenges that make it hard for many in Iowa City to access these attractions. Council has the ability and, in my view, the duty to improve people’s daily lives so that we all can enjoy living here. I base my entire campaign and desire to serve in order to better everyone’s lives, which makes for a stronger and better community.

Affordable Housing Solutions

We need to continue to look at ways to improve the rising need for truly affordable housing in Iowa City. This will take innovation and collaboration, and we cannot rely on new development alone. We should create more housing vouchers, provide incentives for landlords to make green improvements to their properties while maintaining affordable rents, investigate ways to increase the number of affordable units throughout neighborhoods.

Public Transportation Improvements

For years, Iowa City residents have needed better public transportation solutions, including Sunday service, extended morning and evening hours, and more efficiency. There need to be more bike libraries, mobility hubs throughout the city, and better connectivity and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the city. It is well past time to address people’s experiences and improve public transportation needs by piloting programs.

Increased Access to Child Care

Lack of access to affordable child care is a major challenge for families, our school systems, and businesses throughout Iowa City. To create a stronger economy, a stronger community, and less stressed families and kids, we must look at this problem as a public issue that can be improved through partnerships with local agencies, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We must collaborate with neighboring cities, the county, the University of Iowa, and the private sector to create affordable, quality child care options for families.

Climate Change Action

The city government should sponsor initiatives from individual projects like green home improvements, planting bee and butterfly-friendly gardens, and planting more trees to larger scale action: requiring higher LEED standards for any new construction, strengthening our green requirements in order for developers to receive TIF dollars, installing solar panels on public buildings, and improving our public transportation system in order to take cars off roads.  

Equity and Inclusion

It is not enough to be diverse; we must be inclusive. We must make sure all our residents feel safe and are treated with respect. I would like to see ongoing discussions with the ICPD, the ICCSD, affected residents, and Council. We must also create more concrete actions to support equity, such as small business loans, neighborhood grants and improvements, providing and/or advocating for needed retail and services in underserved neighborhoods.

Improvements throughout Iowa City

There are many neighborhoods in Iowa City that could benefit from expanded opportunities through small business development, neighborhood beautification as well as more inclusive pedestrian access and better transportation options. I am especially advocating for these improvements in the South District. The Downtown District provides an excellent model of advocacy, vision, and economic health. I want to see a “both…and” model of growth where the District continues to thrive while we also support our neighborhoods’ growth and development in ways that are right for them.