Upcoming Events: Campaign Kick-off! Join Megan at the Broadway Mural on Broadway St. between Hwy 6 and Cross Park Avenue. Friday, April 2 @ 5:30pm

Megan Alter for Iowa City City Council

Equity – Economy – Community

Increasing Opportunities for All

Since March 2020, we have experienced especially difficult challenges as a community. But we are learning how to support one another better piece by piece, and the community is growing stronger for these conversations and acts of kindness. I am a passionate advocate for all who live here and for the great attractions Iowa City has to offer. To bring about long lasting change, we need to work together to create a more inclusive, equitable, and thriving Iowa City now and for the future. I am here to be your City Councilor now for that future.

Megan Alter is a native Midwesterner who moved to Iowa City in 1995. Arriving here for graduate school, she found home and couldn’t bear to leave. For nearly 25 years, Megan has increasingly dedicated herself to bettering the community for all.



  • Sustain meaningful racial and social justice 
  • Increase small business and start-up loans/grants for BIPOC 


  • Support local and small business initiatives
  • Attract needed retail growth throughout Iowa City


  • Expand recreation services and facilities
  • Boost increased access to affordable childcare 
  • Accelerate quality affordable housing solutions