Passionate Advocate for Iowa City Residents: Let’s Make a Better Normal

Megan Alter for Iowa City City Council

Equity – Economy – Community

Since March 2020, we have experienced especially difficult challenges as a community. But we are learning how to support one another better piece by piece, and the community is growing stronger for these conversations and acts of kindness. I am a passionate advocate for all who live here and for the great attractions Iowa City has to offer. To bring about long lasting change, we need to work together to create a more inclusive, equitable, and thriving Iowa City now and for the future. I am here to be your City Councilor now for that future.


Please see In the News for Megan’s thinking and explanations of her priorities.


  • Sustain meaningful racial and social justice 
  • Increase small business and start-up loans/grants for BIPOC 
  • Accelerate food stability and affordable housing solutions


  • Attract needed retail growth throughout Iowa City
  • Support local and small business initiatives
  • Help community members in the wake of COVID


  • Expand recreation services and facilities
  • Boost increased access to affordable childcare 
  • Address gun violence and find common sense solutions  
  • Solve daily irritations: fix potholes, create accessible and safe crosswalks
I am running to improve people’s lives and strengthen the community now and for the future.

Get to Know Megan Alter

Community Involvement
  • Commissioner, Housing and Community Development Commission
  • Co-founder Neighborhood NESTS (Nurturing Every Student Together Safely)
  • Leadership Committee, South District Neighborhood Association
  • Member, Black Voices Project
  • Board Director, Iowa City Summer of the Arts
  • Iowa City Child Care Task Force: business partnerships
  • Resident of the South District
  • Married with two children, one in elementary and in Junior High
  • Household full of birds and cats (really)
  • PhD in English Literature, University of Iowa
  • Senior Manager at ACT, English Language Arts
  • Hobbies: reading, cooking, weight lifting, coffee and spicy food