“Why we support Megan Alter for Iowa City’s City Council”

Daily Iowan Editorial Board Endorses Megan Alter for Iowa City City Council

Daily Iowan | Oct. 12, 2021

As the city moves into the future, decisive leadership is needed to tackle the problems that we face — Megan Alter will bring that leadership, and she has the Editorial Board’s full endorsement.

-Daily Iowan Editorial Board

“As a former mayor of Iowa City who has known Megan Alter for several years, I am very confident she has the knowledge and skills required to be an outstanding council member. She is smart and a quick learner. But she also knows that good decisions require not just knowledge but a clear sense of what one values and how those values can be brought to bear on the critical matters facing our city. Moreover, she is a good listener who knows how to take diverse views into account when making her decisions. This is an especially important skill in a community which has changed as much as ours has over the past 10+ years. With this and more in mind, I am very pleased to endorse Megan Alter for election to Iowa City’s city council.”

— Jim Throgmorton
Former Mayor, Iowa City

“I am excited to endorse Megan Alter again. She will be another voice for workers, for immigrants, and for those most impacted by inequity in our community. Her emphasis on addressing root causes of inequity like the lack of affordable housing, child care, and economic development in the South District and other neighborhoods is important, and I know she will follow through. She will be a great addition to City Council and she has my vote.”

— Mazahir Salih
Mayor Pro Tem, Iowa City

“Megan is the right person to be on the City Council; I have worked with her on the Housing and Community Development Commission and can see how she works with multiple perspectives. I support her because she recognizes the needs of our community, from childcare to affordable housing. She genuinely cares and will bring her experience and concern for all parts of Iowa City and all people who live in Iowa City to Council.”

ميغان هي الشخص المناسب ليكون عضواً في مجلس المدينة ؛ لقد عملت معها في لجنة الإسكان وتنمية المجتمع و يمكنني أن أرى كيف تعمل مع جهات متعددة. أنا أدعمها لأنها تدرك إحتياجات مجتمعنا جيداً  من رعاية الأطفال إلى السكن ميسور التكلفة. إنها تهتم بصدق و ستجلب خبرتها واهتمامها بجميع المواطنين الذين يعيشون في مدينة آيوا سيتي على اختلاف مشاربهم إلى المجلس.

— Nasr Mohammed
HCDC Commissioner, Iowa City

نصر الدين عشر
عضو لجنة اﻹسكان وتنمية المجتمع
أيوا سيتي

“I have known Megan for several years and am impressed by her determination, energy, and ability to bring people together to solve complex issues. Good leaders thrive in changing conditions, something our city is experiencing exponentially. Megan’s approach is well suited for these times. She invites diversity of thought in her decision-making process, and is more interested in arriving at good solutions than making a point on principle. As a leader in the University for nearly 25 years, I especially appreciate that Megan wants to strengthen the relationships between the City, the University, and the Iowa City School District. We will be stronger as a community and better for having Megan on City Council.”

— Tiffani Shaw
Chief Operating Officer, UI Center for Advancement

“Megan is exactly the person we need on the City Council. She knows the community and has a consistent track record of public service, volunteerism, and organizing to address important needs in Iowa City. I have seen her speak truth to power, and bring people together in common cause. She is exactly the kind of servant leader that we need to make Iowa City stronger and more inclusive.”

— Jim Larimore
Chief Officer for Equity in Learning, Riid Labs

“Megan Alter is what female leadership looks like and exactly what we need on the City Council. She is a change maker who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, serving on commissions and boards and working on projects to enhance our city. She fights for the underdog in everything that she does, but also practices common sense in her decision making and drive. Megan is truly a voice for all.”

— Missie Forbes
Co-Founder, NESTS

“I’ve said for years now that having Megan Alter on the city council where I and my family live would be a great thing.  Her intelligence, drive, and commitment to making Iowa City a better place for everyone are second to none.”

— Shawn Harmsen
Iowa City Resident

“I am excited to vote for Megan Alter and encourage others to do the same! She’s able to back her commitment for sustainable change with all that she has accomplished and been a part of creating and maintaining in the Iowa City area for years. Her platform is strong and informed with concrete solutions that build off of current success and also create new opportunities to invest in the interconnectedness of all of Iowa City. ”

— Angie Jordan
South District Resident and Ecosystem Builder

“Megan Alter is my choice for the Iowa City Council. She loves this community and is committed to making this a great place to live for all residents. Megan is passionate about early childhood education and helped establish the Neighborhood Nests in Johnson County to support our children who have struggled during Covid. Megan is a proven leader, activist, and volunteer and I am proud to support her for Iowa City Council.”

— Mary Mascher
State Representative

“We have been impressed with the work Megan Alter has done in our community, including Neighborhood Nests and her work on the South District Neighborhood Association. In addition to that, we agree with Megan’s focus on areas of the city besides just downtown. Finally, Megan is just a great person! We need smart, kind, good-hearted people on Council, and Megan fits the bill!”

— Melissa Fath and Rod Sullivan
Iowa City Residents

“Ms. Alter is a longtime advocate for many important issues that affect people locally and nationally. I fully support Ms. Alter because she is trustworthy and continues to prioritize racial and social justice. This work greatly impacts me daily because I am a teacher of color in ICCSD. Her support throughout my years of teaching has been remarkable!”

— Melanie Hester
Teacher, ICCSD

“Megan listens. She listens to her neighbors in the South District and throughout Iowa City, she listens to small businesses and workers. She thinks critically about how Iowa City can propel itself forward to meet the needs and demands of our ever changing community and then works to create sustainable solutions. A perfect example of this work is her involvement in co-founding Neighborhood NESTS.”

— Natasha Wendt
Founding Member and Realtor, Urban Acres

“From child care access to living wages to affordable housing, Megan is committed to local policy choices that advance racial, gender, and worker justice. I can’t wait for Megan to join our city council because she always listens first to learn people’s needs, then leads by crafting community responses to meet them.”

— Jennifer Sherer
Senior State Policy Coordinator, EARN Worker Power Project