“Why we support Megan Alter for Iowa City’s City Council”

I support Megan Alter for Iowa City Council because she is a strong progressive who asks questions insightfully, listens thoughtfully, then moves forward expeditiously. I have known Megan for several years, and I trust her to keep Iowa City moving in the right direction to best serve all of our residents. Iowa City is lucky to have her voice and her leadership.

Kelcey Patrick-Ferree, Attorney

Megan is easy to support because I have seen her history of advocating for others. She will fight for social justice for all. She will listen to all residents. We have some great candidates, but I hope you join me in casting a vote for my friend Megan Alter.

Bruce Teague, Iowa City Council Member

Megan Alter will continue pushing for an Iowa City that puts people first and lets us all share in the benefits of living here. I trust Megan to be the kind of leader I want in the place where my kids, wife, and I live.

Shawn Harmsen, Iowa City Resident

Megan Alter will be another powerful voice on the council for workers, a powerful voice for immigrants, and a powerful voice for ALL of Iowa City’s communities. Voters in Iowa City should send Megan to join me on the council!

Mazahir Salih,
Iowa City City Council Member

I am supporting Megan Alter for the Iowa City Council. I have known Megan for several years having served with her on the Iowa Women’s Foundation Board. She is hardworking, dedicated, thoughtful and inclusive and, critically, follows through on her commitments. From a political perspective I believe that Megan has a clearly articulated view of what Iowa City needs to move forward and she has a demonstrated commitment to help us make that move in a thoughtful and inclusive manner.

Nancy Hauserman, Iowa City Resident

I’ve been excited to witness Megan Alter’s devotion to improving the quality of life for all Iowa City residents. Her commitment to turning good ideas into action will make her an excellent city councilor.

Jennifer Sherer, Director of the University of Iowa Labor Center